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The Ultimate Guide to Braavo Analytics

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The success of your subscription app business relies on how well you can gather, analyze, and apply data to your advantage. You may have high quality content and branding, but without the right analytics to back your efforts, you’ll never know whether or not you’re connecting with your subscribers and giving them what they really want.

Subscription app analytics help brands understand their real-time performance down to each user cohort. You can track engagement, follow the user journey to your app, and even start to identify what converts trial users to full-time subscribers. With that knowledge, you can unlock insight into your pricing strategy and see which tiers are most effective at influencing conversion.

Plus, strong analytics go deeper into the behaviors and opportunities for each cohort, allowing you to tailor your app to these valuable subscribers and generate even more revenue from them through added features, content, in-app purchases (IAPs), or higher pricing tiers.

With Braavo Analytics, subscription apps can connect all their measurement tools into one central hub, streamlining the collection, management, and application of all that essential subscriber data. Through this platform, brands don’t have to rely on a laundry list of disparate tools or create reports and insights by hand — it’s all there in one dashboard.

Let’s explore Braavo Analytics and compare the Starter and Executive features to see which tools could be right for you.

The benefits of Braavo Analytics

The stronger your analytics, the better, but if you’re just starting to acquaint yourself with this data, you may want to explore the bare essentials and figure out what you can do with these tools. Braavo Starter Analytics is free and doesn’t require any association with Braavo Funding — just connect your marketplace pages to the dashboard and get started.


One major benefit of Braavo Analytics is that you can connect your dashboard across tons of external integrations without any SDKs — like App Store, Play Store, Apple Search Ads, Stripe, Facebook Ads and over 50 others. What makes Braavo Analytics an essential tool is consolidation, allowing you to create a one-stop dashboard to oversee and interconnect every aspect of your app business.

Here are some examples of the integrations you can use: 

  • Revenue tracking: Tools for managing and adjusting your revenue streams, including marketplaces where you list your app, the types of payment you collect, and various app tiers. Examples: App Store, Play Store, Stripe, RevenueCat, Braintree, Chargebee
  • Attribution: Tools to identify marketing success and review engagement numbers for your various media. Examples: Adjust, Appsflyer, Branch
  • Ad networks: Tools to track, manage, and upload ad materials across digital platforms. Examples: Facebook, Google Ads, Apple Search Ads
Braavo integrations

Here you can see which integrations are connected and search for others

App monetization

How much is your app earning, where is that revenue coming from, and where are the gaps where you can be doing more? The Monetization page has all of these answers and is designed to give you full autonomy in managing and diversifying your revenue streams.

You can track your revenue over time and get detailed breakdowns from earnings periods for a more in-depth, long-term look. In particular, these revenue streams can be viewed individually:

  • Subscriptions: Measure and track revenue from subscribers broken out by subscription products and durations.
  • Ads: Oversee revenue generated from in-app advertising, including breaking out the highest earnings based on the type of media content (e.g. static banners or interactive video).
  • In-app purchases (IAPs): Track sales from all additional content, features, or experiences, and gauge the performance of your most successful promotions.

This chart is showing net revenue grouped by platform (eg. iOS, Android, and Stripe)


Though the app revenue feature gives a financial glimpse into your ad revenue, you can even dive deeper with the Ads page. Here you can track your ad revenue performance by ad type, identifying which placements do the best and what types of content receive the most attention and engagement from users.

For apps that leverage in-app advertising, the Ads performance page will help you maximize this revenue stream, demonstrating to media buyers in proven numbers how their content will perform — ideally leading to your ability to sell more ad space in the future.

In-app purchases (IAPs)

Like the Ads page, the IAPs page breaks out the performance of your one-time payments for in-app purchases. Using this tool, you can better track the performance of your IAPs in one central dashboard.

This section of the Braavo Analytics dashboard takes your understanding of IAPs even further by identifying which content types or single products perform best for your app. For example, a gaming app could see which extra features drive the most engagement among players, or a photo editing app could see which features are perceived as most valuable to its users. Overall, the IAP dashboard gives you a level of transparency to take control of your content and feature deployment strategy.

Here, the in-app purchases are grouped by product to illustrate how each compares based on total revenue

Exploring Braavo Executive Analytics

Braavo Analytics offers several tiers of data gathering and analysis, with Executive Analytics providing the most comprehensive application that can unlock the insights your subscription app needs to reach unprecedented growth.


Within the Executive Analytics view, you can get a clear overview of your subscription performance by tracking subscription growth over time, breaking out performance by location, demographic, and other cohorts. 

Understanding basic subscription data is a key performance metric for any app’s growth plan. Only with this data can you identify how your app is growing among different cohorts, products and price points, amplify your tactics within those specific markets, and drive even higher user acquisition where possible.

mobile app analytics

All of your app’s subscription analytics are organized here in the subscription dashboard

Trials and conversions

When you can identify a pattern for motivating free trial users into becoming full-time subscribers of your app, you’re on your way to securing consistent business. That all starts with understanding the performance of your trials and conversion data, and leveraging this information to create an effective, repeatable conversion strategy.

With Braavo Executive Analytics, you can track the performance of your trials and see how frequently your subscribers convert — as well as the tactics that successfully won their conversion. More poignantly, you can dig deeper to see success rates and speed to convert, giving you added insight into what’s performing well and where current conversion tactics could be improved.


Hovering over this bar chart shows how many new subscriptions were purchased in a given week


This line chart shows the conversion rate of new trials started to paying subscriber

Paid user acquisition

With user acquisition becoming increasingly more expensive, it’s important to invest in an acquisition strategy that has the highest possible ROI and to have a deep understanding of your app’s unit economics. You can achieve this with Braavo Executive Analytics, where you can use the Paid Acquisition page to track downstream performance and compare how much you’re spending against the revenue generated from each new user or subscriber. 

Here, you can see how much your customer acquisition cost (CAC) is and where the majority of those costs are going — as well as how well your current marketing tactics are performing. The more analytics are used, the more these strategies can be refined over time to improve your acquisition results.

This bar chart shows how much was spent on paid UA along with the cost per impression (CPI)


With Braavo Executive Analytics, the ability to track performance from the source becomes second nature for app founders. Using the Engagement dashboard, you can track subscribers’ regular interactions with your app, pinpointing the features and content they’re engaging with the most.

Through a breakdown of the subscriber journey, you will understand what aspects of your service are influencing consistency. Driving up engagement is crucial as it acts as the backbone of retention, indicating what features and specific content are exciting enough for subscribers to want to stick around.

Cohorts and LTV

When viewing the Cohorts and LTV page, you can group subscribers into predetermined cohorts — by demographic, location, and other factors — and see which provides the highest return on lifetime value (LTV).

When a subscription app is able to successfully retain its subscribers, the possibility for long-term success becomes much higher. By gaining a deeper understanding of your key customer cohorts, you can more accurately lean into the aspects of your app’s features that makes them so appealing to these high-value groups.

Your subscriber LTV reveals how much revenue you have generated from a subscriber in a given cohort

Custom reports

The Braavo Analytics dashboard is pre-set to provide tons of actionable insights — but every founder has a unique way of measuring and quantifying success to their standards. With Braavo Executive Analytics, you can use data to create your own weekly or monthly reports to dive deeper into the insights you find most important to your subscription app business.

One major benefit of using the custom reporting feature is having the ability to then leverage whatever these numbers show to prove value to potential future investors. Whether it’s aspects of retention performance or an indication of growth consistency, founders can tap into these custom reports to recreate custom charts, run projections on future growth, and manipulate the exported data to take whatever action is needed.

Braavo Analytics Report

Custom reports can be created and exported based on the data you’d like to see

Braavo Analytics and its impact on your app 

Too often, analytics are designed to amass as much information as possible. In the end, this creates more work for founders who are trying to derive actionable insights from these performance metrics in order to guide the direction of brands.

Braavo Analytics focuses on the right data that a subscription app needs. Otherwise, founders would have to sift through every bit of information to inform their acquisition and retention strategies.

These features exist for subscription apps regardless of whether you use Braavo as a source of funding or not. Even so, the ability to combine data into tangible insights can even inform founders on which funding products could benefit them the most. Furthermore, aspects of the data — from the performance of subscriptions over time or the success of certain ad campaigns — can inform the moments in time when it’d be most beneficial to seek additional funding. This is the major universal benefit of powerful analytics.

Planning your app analytics future

With these features in mind, where would you say your subscription app stands, and how could it benefit from deeper cross-platform analytics?

Between the Starter and Executive plans, Braavo offers a multifaceted analytics platform, regardless of how much you’re ready to invest at the present moment. As your subscription app scales, the Executive Analytics tier will take your ability to understand and act on valuable, data-driven insight much further. If you’re a founder looking to spark sustainable growth right away, high-powered analytics is the fuel to get your business moving.

However you choose to build out your analytics, consider how the information you derive can eventually translate to funding for your subscription app. With Braavo, companies can leverage revenue and subscription performance to secure different levels of funding for anything from launching new UA campaigns to building out your product roadmap.

Leveraging Braavo Analytics along with Braavo funding, you can take your app from modest startup to the next killer subscription business, performing at a level that builds and sustains a massive, satisfied user base and leads to years of success. 

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