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Why Your App Marketing Strategy Should Include a Web Acquisition Funnel

Eugene Strelets is a mobile growth and product manager with over four years of experience in data-driven experimentation. With a deep focus on driving mobile products to the next level…

Marketing & Metrics

9 App Growth Strategies and the Benefits of Working With an App Marketing Agency

Fouad Saeidi made his start in mobile marketing over 10 years ago, back when the App Store was still new and mobile marketing best practices were in their infancy. “The…

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The Ultimate Guide to Braavo Analytics

The success of your subscription app business relies on how well you can gather, analyze, and apply data to your advantage. You may have high quality content and branding, but…

Marketing & Metrics, Subscriptions

15 of the Top Growth Hacks for Your App Business This Year

As a funding partner for over 8000 app businesses, Braavo has seen numerous app growth hacks in practice, and we have the data to support what works. In this month’s…

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Starting an App Business? Here Are a Few Things I Would Have Done Differently in My First Year

Are you thinking about starting a subscription app business? If you’re humming and hawing over a big app idea, it just might be worth building — global consumer spending for…

Marketing & Metrics, Subscriptions

3 Important Things To Think About When Setting a Price for Your Subscription App

If you’ve paid attention to the multi-year legal battle between Epic Games and Apple, along with a growing number of app developers going up against Apple and its App Store…

Marketing & Metrics, Subscriptions

3 Non-traditional Growth Marketing Strategies You Should Try

As performance marketing and the ability to accurately measure campaign success has become more nuanced in recent years, it may be a good time to start exploring non-traditional marketing strategies.…

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