Founders in Mobile

How Hornet Generates 17,000+ New Users Everyday (Organically!)

For software entrepreneur Christof Wittig, Hornet started off as a side project. Born out of a belief that the LGBTQ+ community deserved so much more than hook-up apps to find…

Founders in Mobile Co-Founder, Ivan Crewkov, on Building AI for Language Learning

Is it possible to achieve fluency in English without ever living in an English-speaking region? Or will learning English continue to be reserved for those who can afford the best…

Founders in Mobile

Deb Smith, Founder of Rewardify, on Winning as a Woman

Rewardify is changing the game for cash sweepstakes apps. With a highly engaged user base and annual revenue in the millions, the company shows no sign of slowing down: In…

Founders in Mobile

Cesar Kuriyama from 1 Second Everyday: Creating the movie of your life

Cesar shares his entrepreneurship journey and perspective on venture capital.

Founders in Mobile

Shamanth Rao on automation, the value of downstream retention, and IDFA

How to evaluate an app's potential, and common mobile marketing pitfalls.

Founders in Mobile

Evgeny Maurus, founder of AppQuantum, on winning in the mobile game industry

The most common pitfalls that indie game developers fall into, and what it takes to win in mobile games.

Founders in Mobile

Hello Baby and Building a Best of the Year App

Co-founder Tim Raiter shares his journey building Hello Baby in Silicon Valley.

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