Founders in Mobile

Friended Co-Founder Dan Kurani: How to Build a Social Platform that Puts People First

Q&A with Dan Kurani on building a kinder Internet.

Founders in Mobile

Clementine Lalande, CEO of Once, on Creating a Feminist Dating App

Reversing gender imbalance in tech and dating for women.

Founders in Mobile

John Shriber, Roomster Co-Founder, on Growing an App Business without Venture Capital

How to succeed in the housing market without raising venture capital.

Radiate the app founders
Founders in Mobile

Radiate's Co-Founders Michael Tom and Philip Butler: How to Connect the World, One Festival at a Time

What happens when you combine tech, music, and community?

Sascha Scheider
Founders in Mobile

Plotaverse CEO & Co-Founder Sascha Scheider: The Artist Advantage in Mobile

How Sascha Scheider’s perspective as an artist allowed her to spot opportunities.

Alanna Harvey
Founders in Mobile

Flipd Co-Founder Alanna Harvey: Why Your App Needs Purpose and a Story

Alanna Harvey shares lessons learned from building and growing Flipd.