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Introducing the Braavo Founder in Residence

Since 2015, Braavo has been committed to supporting the growth of mobile app brands around the world. To date, we’ve invested over $1 billion in funding to help our clients earn tens of billions in ARR across hundreds of millions of unique subscriptions. Our commitment to supporting the entire app ecosystem goes beyond funding. We believe a more educated and successful subscription app community is beneficial for the entire ecosystem. And with that, we are pleased to introduce our latest effort in supporting our mission: the Braavo Founder in Residence (FIR).

What exactly is a Braavo FIR?

A Braavo FIR is an accomplished mobile app leader that we bring in-house to serve as an expert resource for our portfolio companies and broader subscription app community. Passionate about giving back, each FIR works on a variety of initiatives to bring their expertise, insights, and sweat equity to the masses. And in collaboration with Braavo, our FIRs commit to creating opportunities, resources, and tools that help ambitious mobile brands grow.

Meet the first Braavo FIR

alanna harvey

Alanna Harvey, Co-founder and CMO at Flipd

Meet Alanna Harvey, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Flipd, a productivity app designed for college students. As CMO, she’s created dozens of successful viral marketing campaigns, worked with hundreds of influencers from around the world, built scalable ambassador programs, and established their brand’s Discord community with thousands of members.

What FIR initiative has Alanna been working on?

Passionate about non-traditional marketing (i.e., scalable and cost-effective growth), Alanna has been working on a marketing competition designed to reward outside-the-box thinkers. We’re looking for inspiring growth stories from fearless app leaders with a creative edge.

The winner will be awarded:

  • Up to $25,000 of free funding from Braavo*
  • Bi-monthly 1:1 meetings with a Braavo founder
  • Up to 40 hours of 1:1 marketing mentorship & guidance from Alanna

Additionally, all qualified entrants** will receive one year FREE of Braavo Analytics. Learn more about Alanna’s competition here, and enter if you dare!

*Up to $25k Extend funding with no fees towards a mutually-selected marketing campaign or initiative; exact amount determined based on company’s ARR/MRR at the time of funding and subject to Braavo’s standard underwriting requirements.
**An eligible entrant is any company with a live English-language app on the Apple App Store with at least 250 active subscribers.

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