Double down on your success

Fund growth tomorrow with today’s performance.

Reward ROI-positive marketing
Rapidly increase user acquisition spend and drive exponential returns. Our free analytics software surfaces insights across your accounts, so can see the impact of your efforts and spot opportunities to improve.
Grow on your terms
Get the capital to scale user acquisition on terms that make sense for your business. With fixed fees and no hidden costs, you’ll know your return on borrowed capital based on your current return on ad spend (ROAS).
Reallocate working capital
Free up budget for building enterprise value. With Braavo funds fueling user acquisition, you’ll be able to reallocate equity and operating capital for longer-term investments in your team and product.
How it works
Evaluate your proposal
Upon approval you’ll receive funding terms based on your current budget and performance. Braavo typically provides enough capital to double your short-term user acquisition budget.
Last Month’s UA Spend
Funding Proposal
Allocate acquisition funding
We’ll deposit funds directly into your bank account. You can start spending on growth immediately via approved user acquisition channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google etc.
Repay over time
Braavo collects a fixed percentage of future payments directly from your revenue-earning accounts and delivers the remaining balance to you automatically the next business day.

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Capitalize on your performance

Start scaling for the future, today.

Frequently asked questions

What if I need additional capital for user acquisition?

The more effectively you scale, the more capital you’ll be eligible to receive up front.

Will my repayment rate change?

No. We charge a low, flat percentage based on the total amount funded. We understand that performance fluctuates each month. The amount you repay always correlates with your earnings — if you have a down month, your payment to Braavo will be less.

Can I use Extend funds for anything?

Extend funds are for use exclusively on user acquisition marketing efforts. However, Extend funding enables you reallocate your existing UA budget for other uses.

Am I a good fit for Extend?

Our customers range from single-developer shops to multi-million dollar corporations and span all major app store categories. We’ve found that businesses spending/generating at least $10k per month will get the most value for this product.