Helping people become happier and more resilient
Life can be stressful. Ten Percent Happier helps people stay balanced and increase their capacity for joy, gratitude, and love.
The problem
Bringing mindfulness to more people

With the Ten Percent Happier app, users can discover guided meditations and practical teachings that they can access anywhere and anytime. Expert teachers walk users through the basics of mindfulness, one breath at a time.

As experienced entrepreneurs, Founder & CEO Ben Rubin and VP Jason Pavel recognized the need to improve their operating cash flows in order to achieve their goals and bring mindfulness to millions of people around the world.

Working with Braavo was a huge weight off our shoulders, and allowed us to think more strategically about the business.

Jason Pavel,
VP of Finance & Operations
The solution
Scaling with Braavo’s funding solutions, Accelerate and Extend

Ten Percent Happier started out with Braavo Accelerate, which unlocked access to their unpaid app store receivables as much as two months ahead of schedule. As their earnings grew, they had the ability to reinvest faster across all aspects of the business.

Impressed with the results of the partnership, Jason and Ben made the decision to access additional funding for user acquisition through Braavo Extend. By combining both of Braavo’s funding products, Ten Percent was able to simultaneously increase their marketing spend and free up resources to invest in other aspects of the business.

We invested our earnings back into growing the business, growing our marketing programs, and adding headcount immediately rather than waiting.

Ben Rubin,
The Outcome
Successful seed funding & a trusted financial partner

Ten Percent Happier was very happy with the growth and performance they achieved with Braavo’s support. Working with Braavo was a game-changer: Braavo stood out as a financial partner with both expertise in the app space to provide solid advice and the products designed perfectly for solving the pain points of a growing app business.

Less than a year after launching the partnership, Ten Percent Happier successfully closed a seed round of equity funding. Pairing a modest equity round with continued Braavo financing, Ten Percent was able to optimize their likelihood of success—on their terms.

Had we not been working with Braavo, we would have certainly had to raise more seed funding, and on less favorable terms.

Jason Pavel
VP of Finance & Operations

I think it’d be insane not to use Braavo if you have a growing app subscription business.

Ben Rubin,

Insights to drive growth.
Capital to make it happen.

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