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Powerful app analytics built for our financing customers, now available to anyone.
Free to use—no funding or SDK required.

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Make better decisions without breaking the bank

Get a birds-eye view of your app KPIs with a customizable dashboard.

Access unified analytics on revenue, paid marketing, subscriptions and more. Then explore algorithmic intelligence reporting on user economics, LTV and marketing ROI.

Dig deep with powerful reports
Paid Acquisition
Monitor spending, CPIs and marketing efficiency across all UA channels.
View your earnings from the app stores and ad networks & analyze trends over time.
User Analytics
See how many users are signing up, coming back, and staying engaged.
Find out if trials are converting, how much you’re earning, churn rates, and more.
User Lifetime Value (LTV)
Understand blended and cohort LTVs and compare to ad spend to calculate ROAS.
If and when you’re ready for funding, apply in a minute and get funded in 24 hours.
Your data, any way you want it

Visualize performance and trends with configurable charts or export any report as raw data for additional exploration and analysis.

Set up in a snap

No SDK installation required. Just link your app store account and any third-party platforms you’re already using.

We sync with linked accounts directly and unify that data in your dashboard – no changes to your app (or those accounts) necessary.

App Stores
Ad monetization

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Start by connecting your app store account in a few steps.

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Our other offerings

We give you the capital you need right when you need it, with no equity dilution and automated repayment from existing revenue sources.

Get advance access to earnings from your app store and ad network accounts.
  • Up to 85% of your revenue
  • Consistent weekly payments
  • Control over how much you receive
Fuel future growth with funding for UA based on current and predicted performance.
  • Direct deposit to your bank account
  • Spend on approved UA channels
  • Fixed fees with repayment from future revenue
Frequently asked questions

Why is this free?

BI/analytics has consistently been the most frequently requested “feature” from our financing customers. So, we built this platform for them. In considering our broader goal of helping all mobile app founders build more successful and sustainable businesses, it became clear that we should offer these tools for everyone. A stronger long tail of the app ecosystem is beneficial for the entire industry.

Do you sell my data?

Never. We only use your data to (i) provide you with the insights to effectively manage and grow your business, and (ii) provide you funding if you need/qualify it.

Do I need to install anything? How many accounts should I connect?

No installation is needed. Our secure platform makes it simple to link your accounts using only your login information. We recommend first linking your Apple App Store and/or Google Play accounts to unlock revenue reports, subscription analytics, user analytics and LTV modeling. You can also link your marketing accounts for additional analytics functionality or attribution analytics for more granular reporting.

What if I don’t have any revenue yet?

Unfortunately, this product will not to be of much value to you until you’re generating revenue. When you do begin to monetize we hope you’ll come back and give Braavo a try before investing in new third-party reporting or analytics products.

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