Funding for Mobile Apps and Games
The funding partner that’s on your side
You’re committed to your company’s vision. So are we.
Non-dilutive funding for every stage of your business
Get the capital you need, when you need it. Scale your business, drive enterprise value — and hold onto your equity.
Access up to 85% of weekly earnings.
Qualify in under 24 hours, based on monthly revenue.
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User acquisition
Double (or triple!) this month’s UA spend.
Easy qualification based on marketing and product performance analytics.
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Partner with us to grow subscribers.
Braavo Growth Ventures provides strategic capital and expertise to grow your subscriber base.
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Approval in less than 24 hours, with funding options that support your growth goals delivered in 1-2 days.
Freedom to build your business, however you see fit
Own your upside
Don’t give up board seats or equity. Braavo gives you on-demand fixed-cost capital without control provisions, personal guarantees, or performance covenants.
Align interests
We’re invested in fueling your success. With our resources and experience on hand, you’ll know where you stand today and how to build for tomorrow.
Save time
Don’t waste resources looking for funders—or serving their needs. Rapid onboarding and automated reporting means more time to unlock new growth.
Build enterprise value
Raised equity or planning to? Funding without dilution lets you extend your runway and grow your business now, so it’s worth much more down the line.
Focus on building
With insights for product optimization and growth, you can master your conversion funnel while your competitors iterate on yet another investor deck.
Trust your partner
Building an app is different from building anything else. We’re focused on mobile apps and games so we can deliver the best possible solution for you.

Insights to drive growth. Capital to make it happen.

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