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The Ultimate Guide to Braavo Analytics

The success of your subscription app business relies on how well you can gather, analyze, and apply data to your advantage. You may have high quality content and branding, but…

Marketing & Metrics

How Seasonality Affects Health and Fitness Apps

Insights from Kaisa Soininen at Yogaia on seasonality and pricing.

Marketing & Metrics

Machine Learning For Mobile Game Monetization

How mobile developers are using AI to improve monetization.

Marketing & Metrics

3 Ways to Grow Your Mobile App Startup on Facebook

Use Facebook’s optimization algorithms to your advantage. Here's how.

Marketing & Metrics

Why Apps with Subscription Models are Taking Over

Explore the benefits of adopting this reliable model.

Marketing & Metrics

2 (and 1/2) Ways to Monetize your Free Mobile App

Develop a strategy that will best suit your app and business.

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