Case Studies

How Ten Percent Happier Scaled with Braavo

Ten Percent Happier worked with Braavo to improve their operating cash flows, eventually closing a seed round of equity funding - on their terms.

Case Studies

How Flipd reached new revenue milestones with Braavo

How Flipd partnered with Braavo to reach students for back-to-school and achieve new app revenue milestones.

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FAQs: Is Braavo right for you?

Common questions and examples of clients who have found success with Braavo.

Case Studies

How Pixite Achieved 5x App Revenue Growth With Braavo

Pixite used Braavo to jumpstart marketing efforts, invest in user acquisition, and scale more predictably.

Case Studies

How Fanatee Achieved 5x Revenue Growth with Braavo

Pixite worked with Braavo to quickly reinvest their earnings into user acquisition and hiring, leading to 5x revenue growth.

Case Studies

How Weight Loss Running Became a Multimillion-Dollar App

With Braavo, Verv was able to quickly execute on profitable marketing channels and build a more robust marketing strategy.