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From PHHHOTO to Braavo, with Emily Monen

Meet Emily Monen, our finance and operations administrator!

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Earn $15,000 in free advances for every app referral

Learn about Braavo's referral program for mobile app businesses.

Founders in Mobile

Vladimir Funtikov, Founder of Creative Mobile, on Building Magical Moments

How the Estonia-based entrepreneur started a successful mobile gaming business and scaled through growing pains.


What Happens to Mobile Gaming During a Recession?

Mobile gaming was born during the 2008–2010 recession. Does that mean it’s recession-proof?

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Graham Gnall, on Product Management During Uncertainty

The opportunity to adapt during uncertain times.

Founders in Mobile

Friended Co-Founder Dan Kurani: How to Build a Social Platform that Puts People First

Q&A with Dan Kurani on building a kinder Internet.

COVID-19, Mobile Funding

Mobile Funding: What are the Options in 2020?

How app founders can navigate the mobile funding landscape during and after COVID-19.