Mobile Funding, Subscriptions

10 Takeaways From the Success of FitnessAI, Bloom & Tea

After a year and a half of COVID-19, the tech community is back to in-person networking. Braavo recently partnered with NYC Mobile Apps for Mobile App Pivots, its first event…

Mobile Funding

How to Build Enterprise Value for Your Subscription App

Can’t live without your Netflix and Peloton subscriptions? You’re not alone. While 2020 was the year that COVID-19 ushered in a worldwide pandemic, it was also the year that the…

Founders in Mobile

Friended Co-Founder Dan Kurani: How to Build a Social Platform that Puts People First

Q&A with Dan Kurani on building a kinder Internet.

Case Studies

How Ten Percent Happier Scaled with Braavo

Ten Percent Happier worked with Braavo to improve their operating cash flows, eventually closing a seed round of equity funding - on their terms.

Case Studies

How Flipd reached new revenue milestones with Braavo

How Flipd partnered with Braavo to reach students for back-to-school and achieve new app revenue milestones.

Marketing & Metrics

How Seasonality Affects Health and Fitness Apps

Insights from Kaisa Soininen at Yogaia on seasonality and pricing.

Case Studies

How Pixite Achieved 5x App Revenue Growth With Braavo

Pixite used Braavo to jumpstart marketing efforts, invest in user acquisition, and scale more predictably.

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