Founders in Mobile

Evgeny Maurus, founder of AppQuantum, on winning in the mobile game industry

The most common pitfalls that indie game developers fall into, and what it takes to win in mobile games.

Founders in Mobile

Vladimir Funtikov, Founder of Creative Mobile, on Building Magical Moments

How the Estonia-based entrepreneur started a successful mobile gaming business and scaled through growing pains.


What Happens to Mobile Gaming During a Recession?

Mobile gaming was born during the 2008–2010 recession. Does that mean it’s recession-proof?

Marketing & Metrics

Mobile App Ad Spend: Who's Getting the Lion's Share?

Apps are investing in Facebook.

Marketing & Metrics

Apple Arcade: A New Life for the Premium App Market?

What developers should know about Arcade, Apple's new subscription service.

Marketing & Metrics

Machine Learning For Mobile Game Monetization

How mobile developers are using AI to improve monetization.

Mobile Funding

Is VC Funding Right for Your Mobile Game Studio?

Avoid these mistakes when considering funding options for your mobile game.

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