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How to Fund and Supercharge User Acquisition [eBook]

supercharge user acquisition

User acquisition (UA) is core to any growing business. A consistent process of testing and reiterating, once you hit a moment of traction, it’s time to add a multiplier to accelerate momentum. When UA performance is strong, the results can be leveraged to secure additional capital that can be invested back into user acquisition — a repeatable process that high-performing companies use to compound growth. By pouring the investment back into UA, a business can revisit UA funding in upcoming months — and be eligible for higher funding amounts.

4 Steps to Supercharge User Acquisition (And How to Get the Funds to Do It!) is your comprehensive guide to building repeatable outcomes. From securing funding that aligns with business goals to UA best practices, this guide is for anyone ready to:

    • Understand how to assess funding options and how to map each to long-term goals
    • Explore revenue-based funding (RBF) options that better enable growing apps to scale faster
    • Build an allocation plan for funds by stage, mapped to business goals
    • Learn best practices on evaluating paid user acquisition channel performance — with tangible examples of UA app success stories

Not ready for the eBook? Get a sneak peek of it in this article: Funding Options for Growing Businesses.

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