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Chart Builder: Get Custom Analytics for your App

Our app analytics just got a big upgrade! We’re excited to introduce our newest iteration of Braavo Analytics, as we continue to make our analytics dashboard your one-stop reporting tool

With fully customizable analytics, publishers can get essential performance analyses in one place. You connect the sources, and we’ll crunch the data! Sign-in, or sign-up now to take a look.


Details: Chart Builder

We’re giving you more flexibility with your data than ever before. You can now build custom charts to get a complete picture of your business. Drill down, combine, and compare your datasets to create impactful reports to drive your business:

  • Group metrics and cohorts by App, Platform, Country, Subscription Type and more
  • Flexible filtering and multi-filtering
  • Custom exports directly from your charts


Updated: LTV v2

We’ve moved LTV to our dashboard’s Cohorts page, improved our models, and added new sub-metrics to give you a deeper understanding of user profitability. You can: 

  • Group cohorts by day, week, or month
  • View LTV by app, subscription, subscription duration, or platform
  • Access new metrics, including Predicted Lifetime, Cumulative Revenue, Predicted Revenue, and RPU


We can’t wait for you to try out our upgraded dashboard. Check your LTV, or sign-up now to get started.

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