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Announcing: Braavo Analytics for All Apps

Braavo Analytics

Does this scenario sound familiar? 

It’s Monday morning. You trudge into the office, grab a cup of coffee, and start on your first big (and always dreaded) task: the Monday morning analytics report. 

You begin opening an absurd number of browser tabs: Apple App Store. Google Play. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. Every ad network you’re monetizing on. 

You hit “export” for each channel. Your browser takes a few painstaking minutes to spit back dozens of spreadsheets, each with its own opaque system for calculating performance. Can’t we agree on a time zone at least?

Time for that second cup of coffee.

You consider hiring a marketing intern to focus on the data. But if you’re going to go through the effort of hiring and training an intern, you may as well get an experienced marketer who could tell YOU what to do – and they’ll still need those reports!

You wonder if you can get your dev team to build a tool for this. Your engineers are smart. They’re scrappy. They’re enthusiastic. But then you glance over at the dev team. Each engineer is huddled over his or her computer, barely taking a moment to pause between sips of their third cup of coffee while feverishly tapping out code.

Back to the report.

For many app founders, the Monday morning analytics report is an all-too-familiar reality. While there are more products than ever that can track your app’s performance at every stage of the funnel, they’re also costly, and still time-consuming to pull into one comprehensive report. 

Over the years at Braavo, we’ve funded hundreds of app businesses and spent thousands of hours learning what information is most important for founders and their teams. Braavo Analytics is the result: an analytics product that reports on exactly what you want and need to know. We don’t throw every possible metric at you, because you don’t need more data. You need the right data. We get it.

Our company vision is simple: empower founders to achieve their dreams. Today, consistent with that vision, we’re making Braavo Analytics free to the public. Braavo Analytics has always been free for our financing customers, but we’re now making Analytics free for all apps, regardless of whether you’ve partnered with us on funding. 

Not every app is in a position to want – or need – funding. But we do know that better and simplified metrics that makes your life easier frees up your time and energy to focus on what matters. That means means better apps that grow faster, which moves our industry forward. Ultimately, it means helping you put success in your hands.

Let’s make your Monday morning analytics report way easier. Sign up now and create an account to get started.

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