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Employee Spotlight: Ryan Maloney

In this week’s employee spotlight get to know a little bit more about Ryan Maloney, Growth & Business Development Manager.

Keep an eye out for our next one…coming soon!

1.What are three things that can always be found in your refrigerator? Ruby-red grapefruit juice, cat food + more cat food.

2.Go-To Movie Snack:Swedish Fish. It was pretty awkward watching Finding Nemo.

3.What is your favorite type of alcoholic beverage? The nectar of the gods: Guinness.

4.Where in the world have you yet to travel but is #1 on your bucket list? Alaska. Gorgeous views, aurora borealis and get to hang out with some cool bears.

5.Which way does your toilet paper hang? Our toilet paper dispenser is vertical, so neither/both. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

6.What “guilty pleasure” TV show are you a fan of? Anything on Food Network. Guy’s Grocery Games? One ticket to flavor-town, please.

7.Do you have any unexplained phobias? Spiders. Just…nope.

8.What’s the most entrepreneurial thing you’ve done? The most entrepreneurial thing I’ve done is develop a travel website with a good friend of mine.


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