Do more, faster

Arm your business for growth with early access to your earnings.

Maximize cash flow
Stop worrying about operating capital. With access to new revenue each week you’ll be able to fine-tune your operational cadence to continually iterate, optimize, and grow.
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Create compounding returns
Making the right investments at the right time can lead to extraordinary returns. Unlock your receivables and take action when it matters — like reinvestment in marketing or the next release — to capitalize on opportunities for growth.
Spend however you choose
You’re in control of the revenue percentage you receive each week — and how you spend it. Allocate funding where it’s most needed, from marketing or product optimization to hiring a critical new team member.
New Hires
User Acquisition
A/B Testing
Revenue yesterday was $5,355.50
That’s 3.4% higher than the day prior.
Streamline your revenue
With a customizable reporting dashboard, consolidated weekly payment, and consistent deposit schedule, you’ll have the organizational predictability to scale and the visibility to know exactly how you’re doing.
How it works
Receive capital right away
Once approved, you’ll start receiving funding in 1-2 days. You set the advance percentage of earnings you wish to receive from each platform and can easily adjust it at any time.
App Store
Get up to 85% of your earnings every week
Each Tuesday you’ll receive a direct deposit for the previous week’s reported earnings from your app store and ad publisher accounts. Your very first payment will cover earnings back to the beginning of the month.
Advanced Revenue
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Direct deposit sent Tuesday of the following week.
Collect the balance
We receive your payment from each platform on their standard terms and automatically deduct the revenue we’ve already advanced and our fee. The remaining balance is delivered to you the following day.
Weekly Payments (Already Sent) Balance Fee

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Frequently asked questions

What can Accelerate funding be used for?

Accelerate funds can be used for any business purpose.

Does interest accumulate?

We do not charge any interest. We have a low, flat percentage fee we charge on the amounts we fund.

How does Braavo get paid?

We receive payment directly from the app stores and ad networks, collect what is owed for that period (your advance percentage plus our fixed fee) and return any remainder to you the next day.

Who are you working with currently?

Our clients vary from single-developer shops to multimillion dollar corporations and span across all major app store categories.