On-demand access to working capital for subscription apps
Generate predictable subscription revenue and get paid immediately for your subscribers.
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  • Optimizing Working Capital
  • Compounding Predictable Revenue
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Optimizing Working Capital
Faster access to working capital from subscribers

People and time are your greatest assets. Braavo Accelerate brings you the freedom of working capital. Get your app store earnings on a weekly or on-demand basis.

And spend it your way: Make a key hire, invest in a critical product update, experiment with a new marketing channel. You’re in control.

Your available balance is $95,550.00
Your payment of $89,200 is expected to arrive June 15.
Your next auto-payment is scheduled for June 22. Manage Settings
“Working with Braavo was a huge weight off our shoulders, and allowed us to think more strategically about the business.”
Jason Pavel
VP of Finance & Operations
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Your available funding is $250,000.00
Get approved in a few days. Lump sum funding with fixed-rate repayment to invest in your UA campaigns.
Compounding Predictable Revenue
Scale your paid user acquisition

Capitalize on your predictable and profitable subscription revenue to acquire more subscribers. Turn today’s subscribers into tomorrow’s to achieve compound growth.

Braavo Extend provides upfront access to future revenue to spend on user acquisition.

Over 40 integrations with the platforms you’re using to acquire, monetize and measure
App Store
Google Play
Google Ads
Advanced Subscription Analytics
Keep a daily pulse on subscriber and revenue trends

Take the guesswork out of interpreting vague app store reports and receipts. Braavo Analytics lets you track your subscriber base and predict MRR, LTV, and retention trends at a glance. Forecast your business’ cash needs and plan for growth.

Your Net MRR is currently $298,555.00
That’s 5.6% higher than 30 days ago

More signal, less noise—that’s what sets Braavo analytics apart for me. Having the ability to forecast revenue reliably =

Mattias Stanghed
Founder, Spring Running Music

Insights to drive growth. Capital to make it happen.

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