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Our products are designed to empower founders to grow on their terms. See how Braavo’s products compare to traditional financing and venture capital.
Venture Capital
Bank Loan
Credit Cards
3% for Accelerate*
10% for Extend*
Ownership of your company
Compounding interest rates & personal guarantees
Teaser rates & hidden fees
24 hours
Months to years
Weeks to months
Days to weeks
$10K – $10M
$5M – $10M
$10K – $100K
$5K – $100K
Lose control of your business
Lose your house
Lose your credit score
* Subject to qualification
Mobile funding solutions at a glance
Start with revenue acceleration. As you grow, we’ll work together to implement capital toward UA.
On-demand access to app store and ad network earnings
Flat fee for advanced earnings only
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Scale user acquisition with upfront, non-dilutive capital
Flat fee on total capital provided
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