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Access Your Earnings Immediately with PayMeNow


We’re excited to announce the release of PayMeNow.

If you’re a founder of a growing mobile app, then you know that having access to capital at the exact moment you need it is critical if you want to harness momentum to scale and grow. For apps with recurring and predictable expenses, our Accelerate product gives you access to your revenue on an automated weekly basis – just set it and forget it.

This is a significant time and energy saver for busy founders. Between analyzing retention curves, growing your team, and just making it home in time to walk the dog, you want the peace of mind to know your money will arrive each week without fail.

We’ve been doing this for years, and we’ve become the most trusted financial partner for app businesses in the process. However, in growing a business, founders often run into unforeseen opportunities to really put the pedal to the metal.

That’s why we’ve launched PayMeNow – to give you even more flexibility and control over your earned (but unpaid!) app store and ad network revenue.


How PayMeNow works

PayMeNow lets you receive and allocate an exact amount of funding from Braavo from your unpaid earnings – immediately.

Need to pay last month’s UA expenses? Ran a special one-off campaign on Facebook that you’d like to pay now? Decided to go ahead with a new hire that you hadn’t planned for last quarter? PayMeNow lets you grow and fund operations and UA on your terms, without being locked in to weekly payments, at no additional fee. 

What’s great about this feature is that Braavo customers can get access to both Accelerate and PayMeNow. There’s no need to choose one or another.

It’s up to you when, how and how much money you need and how you’ll spend it. 


How to get started

We are rolling out PayMeNow to select customers. If you are new to Braavo, or you’re an existing Braavo customer and are interested in PayMeNow, contact us to learn more. 

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